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Who is Audrey
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Hi, I'm Audrey Worm. I am 23 years old and have started my own business to help fuel my real passion - drag racing nostalgia cars. I trained to be an insurance agent and have become an idependant agent to sell Hagerty Insurance. I have been around hotrods, classic cars and drag racing all my life. Dad tells me that my first NSRA Nationals I attended was when I was just 6 months old. I've been full throttle ever since, whether building a Model A Hot Rod or driving my front engine dragster. Some of the things I have done is:

Drove my Model A on Bonneville Salt Flats in 2007

Had best time of 8.65 @ 164 mph in a front engine dragster

Attended Bowling Green NHRA Reunion 6 times

Raced at Bowling Green Reunion 3 times and went to semi finals in Comp Eliminator

Attended California Hot Rod Reunion 5 times

Raced at New England NSRA Reunion in 2013

Driven cross country 4 times from PA to California mostly on RT 66

Attended over a dozen NSRA Nationals

Attended almost 20 NSRA Nats East Nationals

Attended Numerous Goodguys events including the Pleasanton, CA show in 2007

Grew up 6 miles from Heshey AACA Fall meet and 30 minutes from Carlisle Swap Meet

Gone to races nationwide for past 8 years

Was Bruce Larson's back up girl for 2 years at nostalgia races

My next step is I am going to drive a nostalgia Nitro Funny Car this year and match race nationwide. As you can see, I not only insure race cars - but I drive them too. This is a great advantage for me over other insurance agents as I know what needs to be done to help you insure your car. I understand what staging lanes are, where the coverage stops and starts while you are racing the car, and speak drag racing. I know what blown altereds are, what a gasser is, and have seen first hand what the inside cockpit of a sling shot dragster and nostalgia funny car looks like. I can talk about enclosed car trailers with my customers and also understand why they have $20,000.00 written down for a claim on a Blown Alcohol motor when it is stolen. I am one of you and I love what I do. Selling Hagerty specialty insurance allows me to feed my nitro addiction and go racing so when I'm not in a front engine dragster or funny car, I am in the pits talking to customers about insuring their pride and joy.

Growing up in my dads shop has given me the great advantage of knowing about cars. Being around hot rods and classic cars for my entire life gives me the inside view of what it is like to own a collector car. I owned a Model A coupe, drove a muscle car through high school, and hang out with car guys.. and girls. Mustangs, El Caminos, Camaros, Challengers and Cudas are all part of my vocabulary as well as coupes, sedans, roadsters and cabriolets. Heck, I even know what a belly tank car is and took one to Bonneville in 2007.

We make it easy

Hagerty makes it easy to insure your racecar, hot rod, classic car or truck, and antiques. I have live access through a web portal to give instant quotes, even at the track. I can go over a few questions with you and within a few minutes print or email you a quote for your vehicle. If you click on the quote now link below, you can fill out a few questions and click submit and it will send me an email to give you a quote. I will review the questions you answered and will get back to you by the next day with a quote to insure your vehicle. You can also call me at 717-497-7258 to talk directly to me and get a quote in a few minutes. With Hagerty's web portal, I am able to get it done fast - and you better know I like fast... 200 mph fast. So give me a chance to give you excellent service, and maybe we can talk about racing too.

Why Insure Your Race Car

Most racers don't even know they can insure their race car. Others think they are already covered. Here are the facts:

If your race car burns in your garage, your home owners policy does not cover it

If you have your race car in your trailer which is insured, it is not covered by your trailer policy

When towing your race car to the track it is not covered by your daily driver auto policy

With Hagerty, your race car is insured for a Guaranteed Agreed Value

Policies are just pennies on the dollar with many cars being covered for a few hundred dollars a year

Hagerty is the world leader for collector car insurance

Hagerty has a parts specialist (who is a close friend and drives a slingshot dragster) looks for hard to find parts for your car during a claim

Hagerty has a network of shops to repair your vehicle but allows you to chose shop of your choice

Hagerty lets you insure your vehicle while you are restoring or building it

Hagerty is a family run business with employees who love race cars, hot rods, classics and antiques as much as you and I do

Hagerty has ME - a racer who can talk drag racing, hot rods, classic cars or antiques with you  

So here's the deal. You have a lot of time and money in your vehicle and it is your pride and joy. Don't put off another day of not having it insured. Fire, theft, or other damages happen fast. I would hate to see your Blown Alcohol Brad Anderson powered nostagia 73 Vega funny car with a Powerglide and floater rear get in an accident or get stolen and not be insured. Same goes for your first series 47 Chevy Pickup with two fours on a tunnel ram with a four speed and 9 inch rear. Let me help you protect your investment.. I KNOW how much it really means to you. Click the GET A QUOTE below, shoot me an email, or give me a ring. Either way, I'll be glad to discuss your insurance needs.


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EMAIL Audrey


Audrey Worm 10181 Jonestown RD Grantville, PA 17028 (717) 497-7258